It is one of the companies licensed by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, which carries out the activity of financing and financial loans in accordance with the Shariah regulations.          

What do you know about Osoul?


Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in providing financing solutions according to the best professional standards and applying the provisions of Islamic Sharia in all our dealings with competitive advantages and easy procedures.


Because our customers deserve the best, we work for leadership, growth and development in the Islamic finance industry by creating the best Shariah financing solutions for individuals and companies.


Communication: We care about enhancing the value of professional communication between employees and customers.
Determination: Achieve the best financing product, the best customer service, the best results and profits.
Skill: Because the world has become more digital, our skills are expanding in finding digital solutions that suit our services
Original: Our roots extend back to years of experience in the fields of finance, beginning with its founder, Sheikh Ahmed Baghlaf.

Numbers Never Lie!

Numbers are considered the language of success and excellence that everyone understands. Here you will find the numbers of Osoul Modern Finance Company and its most prominent achievements so far.

Application from 2021
Total Funding

Company Development Stages


Osoul was established in Jeddah in 2004 with the capital of 510 thousand Saudi riyals. It was known as Osoul Modern for Installment. The Company continued its progress with the efforts of its board of directors and employees, achieving one success after another.

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