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With SMEs financing of up to 10 Million SR, Your goals are closer!
Immediate initial approval within 48 hours
For small and medium enterprises
Ceiling of up to 10 million SR
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Immediate initial approval within 48 hours

Osoul Modern Finance Company helps you find solutions aimed at solving the problems of physical liquidity in your facility, by providing suitable financing options. Get immediate financing of up to 10 million SR for the growth of your investment with an initial approval within two days.

Supporting and financing SMEs

In the current and growing business sector, you must provide your facility with the latest products and services. Whether by purchasing new products, upgrading what you already have, or perhaps entering new markets, the right tools help small and medium enterprises move forward.

A copy of the commercial registry

Articles of association of the company

A copy of the ID card of the institution owner and copies of the ID cards of the company partners

Financial statements of the last three years

Revenues equal 3 million SR or more

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