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Personal Finance for a new car

Personal Finance up to 200,000 SR approved by the Shariah Board without salary transfer and no agreement with your employer.

A Destination for Growth and Development

Our goal was to create the best in the Islamic finance industry for you to invest and develop in order to achieve your aspirations.
Financial Solutions
Meets all your Needs
Ease of Payment
Flexible Periods Up to 60 Months
100% Licensed
Approved by Shariah Board
Featured Product
Murabaha with Shares without Tax
Personal Financing
at a Competitive Profit Margin
Ease and Speed
Without an Agreement with your Work
What Do We Offer?

Financing Solutions that Understand your Needs

Our goal is to help you obtain the personal financing you need to achieve your desires and goals with ease and convenience

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How do you Get Financing?

With us, you can get financing very quickly with ease with a competitive profit margin. Apply through the website through the following steps:

Select your need

Between personal finance or corporate finance.

Enter your details

of your request and make sure it is correct.

We will contact you

You will receive a call from our sales representative after you have submitted your application.

How Long Does it Take to Get Finance?

It depends on the time taken by the applicant for finance to provide the required documents and their accuracy and validity. For companies, the receipt of finance takes a maximum of 7-10 working days if all required documents are furnished

We Promised WOW

Our Financing Solutions Suit the Needs of all Segments of Society Working in the Public and private sectors, as well as owners of companies.

Finance for Employees

We offer a personal finance product for employees from all sectors, government, military and the private sector.

Financing for Retirees

Because their giving is worth giving, we offer a financing solution for retirees with the lowest profit rate without administrative fees.

Corporate Finance

We contribute to supporting the owners of medium and small enterprises in line with their goals and aspirations.