Individual Finance

Osoul Modern Finance Company has always been able to keep up to date with the changes and financial requirements by offering a Shariah financing product in the form of Tawarruq and Murabaha..

We realize the importance of your desire to achieve your aspirations through legitimate personal finance, and for this reason we offer financial solutions designed to keep pace with all changing financial requirements by providing Tawarruq financing, Sharia personal financing and Murabaha financing with shares through our team that works continuously to ensure customer satisfaction and develop financial services.

Get Personal Finance Without a sponsor for government sector employees When the following conditions are met:

  • The client must be a Saudi national
  • Customer service not less than 3 months
  • The salary of the client is not less than 5000 riyals
  • The client does not have high financial obligations
  • Not less than 21 and not more than 60 years old when the last installment is due
  • Not defaulted in SIMAH and does not have judicial rulings and checks without balance (bounced)
  • The client must be located in one of the major cities in the Kingdom (provided he is present at a branch of the company when submitting the application and signing the document)

Required Documents

Please provide the following required documents if you wish to obtain financing

A recent letter of introduction to the client and the sponsor

Deduction letter for the customer approved by the bank

Attach the national address of the client and the sponsor

Account statement approved by the bank for the last 3 months

A copy of the ID card of the client and sponsor

To ensure your application is approved

All requirements and conditions for personal finance must be met