Signing a memorandum of understanding with Taqdeer Program


“Taqdeer” program, one of the initiatives of the General Organization for Social Insurance, signed a memorandum of understanding with Osoul Modern Finance Company to provide products and services to program beneficiaries.
The memorandum, which took place at the Social Insurance headquarters in Riyadh, was signed by the Foundation, Assistant Governor for Insurance Affairs Saud bin Sulaiman Al-Juhani, and by Osoul Modern Finance Company, CEO of the company, Bandar bin Ali Al-Quaiti.

The memorandum included the provision of financing offers at competitive and exclusive rates for the clients of the “Taqdeer” program, and the memorandum included the possibility of financing up to the age of 68 years, and an understanding was reached regarding the automatic linkage between the two parties to facilitate customers and speed up procedures.
After signing the memorandum, the Assistant Governor of the Corporation for Insurance Affairs Saud Al-Juhani indicated that this memorandum falls under the financing track, one of the five tracks of the “Taqdeer” program, through which the program seeks to provide and design competitive financing solutions specifically directed to “Taqdeer” program clients, retirees and beneficiaries from the public sectors. Al-Juhani stressed that efforts are continuing in the management of the program to attract distinguished partnerships with various parties in the private sector, which will provide added value to customers, God willing.

The CEO of Osoul Modern Finance Company stated that signing this agreement to finance retirees comes from the company’s keenness and appreciation for this important segment, which had a major role in serving the country, and it is an extension of the services provided by the company to all segments of society.

It is noteworthy that the “Taqdeer” program is one of the community initiatives developed by the General Organization for Social Insurance to provide benefits and offers in various fields through its five tracks (experience, benefits, financing, events, social responsibility), where all retirees and beneficiaries of the institution from the public and private sectors benefit from the program. All program details and offers can be viewed by visiting the “Taqdeer” program website and benefiting from the program’s features through the digital “Taqdeer” customer card available in the program’s application for smart devices.